3This Saturday WBC light heavyweight champion of the world Adonis Sevenson will defend his title against mandatory challenger Oleksandr Gvozdyk from Ukraine. This is very intriguing fight. A lot of agruments can be made for each of those fighters to win. Both are huge punchers, both can end the fight at any given moment. Stevenson has a lot of experience on his side while Gvozdyk is younger and taller fighter of the two.

Stevenson will likely start the fight in a high tempo, taking into account that Gvozdyk is pretty slow starter. Adonis will target a stoppage victory in the first half of the fight while Oleksandr needs to take his aging opponent into the deep waters. Stevenson didn't look good in the second half of the fight against Badou Jack, and much younger Gvozdyk wlll also have an advantage against 41-years-old champion if the fight goes past six rounds. "The Nail" has to be very focused in the early rounds - remember how he got caught and knocked down early by Tommy Karpency? Karpency, just like Stevenson, is a southpaw, but Adonis hits much, much harder than Tommy. Gvozdyk just can't let himsel get caught like that against Stevenson, because in this case the fight can end right then and there. Another big question about Oleksandr Gvozdyk in this fight is his new trainer Teddy Atlas. They have started working together not so long ago and there a lot of questions in Atlas' qualification as a trainer. He can be pretty good trainer for some fighters and disastrous one for others. We don't know yet how well will Gvozdyk fight with Atlas in his corner since they have never worked together before.

And while the prediction for this fight is far from easy one to make, there are two most likely scenarios - either Adonis Sevenson will catch Oleksandr Gvozdyk in the first six rounds, or Gvozdyk will stop him late in the fight. It will be very surprising if this fight goes the full distance.




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